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Religion and Hindi Cinema

Filmmaking started in India with the retelling of Hindu myths. Even after the popularity of religious films declined, religious belief and practice have continued to be part of filmic narratives.

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Dancing on Film

Dance is an essential element of Hindi films, often surviving in the public imagination long after the film has had its run. The form was created for the screen, and there it adapted and evolved, often driving technological and production innovations.

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Dancers on Film

Popular dancers of Hindi Cinema from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Curation for Museum of Art and Photography in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture

Making the Cut

How a septuagenarian American man keeps classic Indian films alive

The Caravan

Death Wish

Narayan Lavate’s lifelong pursuit of death

The Caravan

Denotified tribes and a much-needed legal intervention

The Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project (CPAProject) is a research and litigation intervention against criminalisation of communities and on decarceration. 


Rohit Shetty's Simmba is a throwback to Hindi films' depiction of rape as 'entertainment'


A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings: An unsettling portrait of Manohar Aich, India’s most famous bodybuilder

The documentary on the ‘Pocket Hercules’ Manohar Aich won a special jury award at the National Film Awards. 


Documentary Veil Done shows three women's struggle to be fit against domestic duties and lack of support


The Curious Case of Indian Animation

Why is there such a dearth of good quality content at home when there’s so much Oscar-winning talent?

The Hindu

A mirror unto her own life

It’s no surprise that Usha Bane’s one and only tryst with acting in Chaitanya Tamhane's Court was a such a standout one. She played a manual scavenger’s widow, whose life struggles resonated with eerie similarity to her own.

The Hindu

The other Meghalaya music scene from the documentary series ‘Songs to Live By’

The six part series looks at fading community traditions in Meghalaya.

Documentary Name|Place|Animal|Thing introduces Karnataka’s Hakki Pikki tribe and its oddly named people


‘Art before commerce’: Calvin and Hobbes and what made the comic strip so special

The Subcontinent’s Original Bad Girl Otherwise Known as Ismat Apa

Ismat Chughtai was a rebel from the outset with her sharp eye and ready wit.

The Quint

Inside Dantewada's Phagun Madai celebrations


Arson, rape, brutal murders: What the Rohingya saw before they fled Myanmar


Book Review: Wendy Doniger Revisits the Kamasutra

Doniger’s account of the Kamasutra attempts to reinstate the book in the canon of Sanskrit literature.

The Quint

Inside A Feminist Film Festival 

As Mumbai woke up to India’s Independence Day with songs of patriotism (of Shaheeds, Jawans and Khoon ) blaring through everywhere, in an alternate universe a feminist docu film festival was stirring to life.

The Quint

Mumbai's historic fishing district — Sassoon Docks — gets a makeover with a street art project


From student to anti-national to terrorist – how TV channels constructed Umar Khalid

Meet the Indian 'Elephant Boy' who played Mowgli and became a movie star in the 1940s

Not even the four-day fire at Deonar, Mumbai's largest dumping ground, could keep waste-pickers from their work

Rajasthan's Barefoot College is turning semi-literate African women into solar engineers

Documentary ‘Glide’ takes the top-angle view on paragliding culture in a Himachal village

Documentary 'The Fight to Dance' looks at why dance bars are against culture but item songs are not

'No-fuel' restaurant menus, fewer surgeries: How Nepal is coping with India’s economic blockade

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